We are working hard continuously to support the progress of vaping industry. We are in constant search of the new ideas and solutions. While others are trying to make things bigger, we are making thigs convenient. We are all got used to the idea that powerful box mod have to be huge and clunky. Now everything has changed. Meet the world’s first 250W box mod that is as ergonomic as no other vaping device on the market. Designed by S-body and VapeDroid C3D1 is a true revolution on a high wattage box mods segment. Now you don’t have to carry your box mod inside the bag, your pocket has enough space for it. And you don’t have to worry if your hand is not big enough. Due to it’s size C3D1 is comfortable for any hand. Special springoard design of “fire” button is also made for you to feel smoothness of operating the box mod. Magnetic battery cap guarantees that battery replacement will be as easy as on the previous VapeDroid series box mods. And last but not the least – DNA250 chipset. Now, with 3 186650 batteries you can get the full power of DNA250 chip. Now you can use the full potential of your RTA or RDA. Stay tuned to learn more about VapeDroid C3D1 by S-body.